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We offer the following services and more

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Wellness Package

Wellness Package: The clinic now offers a comprehensive wellness package designed to promote overall health and well-being. The package includes a variety of services such as annual check-ups, personalized diet and exercise plans, stress management techniques, and health education sessions. This offer aims to help individuals proactively maintain their health and prevent potential health issues.

Aesthetic Treeatments 

Aesthetic Treatments: The clinic has introduced a range of aesthetic treatments to enhance the appearance and boost confidence. These treatments include non-invasive procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox injections, chemical peels, and laser treatments for various skin concerns. The clinic ensures the use of advanced techniques and experienced professionals to deliver safe and effective results, helping individuals achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

Ontime Delivery

Delivery of medical equipement s and refill of your prescriptions 

Telemedicine Consultations

Telemedicine Consultations: In response to the growing demand for remote healthcare services, the clinic now offers telemedicine consultations. Patients can schedule appointments and receive medical advice from the comfort of their own homes using video calls or phone consultations. This convenient option allows patients to seek medical guidance without the need for in-person visits, making healthcare more accessible and flexible