Primacy Aid Healthcare Limited is a home/mobile healthcare service provider that serves patients and clients at the comfort of their homes and at their convenience.


We run on a 12-hour-day service and an overnight phone consultation and emergency treatment.


The home treatment plan (home health) is managed under a program called ‘Primacy health’. This is also an app that both the client and the healthcare professional uses to access and provide the requested service.

Our Vision

To be the leading mobile healthcare provider in offering comprehensive services, linkage and appropriate referrals to the right points of care.

To constantly create new and innovate ways of ensuring universal health access. 

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To offer flexible treatment options to our clientele, so as to improve access to healthcare, reduce the burden of routine hospital visits, serve patients and clients with dignity and offer appropriate referrals and linkages.

Our Mission

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Our Values

  • Trust – to build strong relationships within our team and clients to foster true and firm foundations.
  • Consistency – be always available to serve at the pleasure of of patients and clients and within ourselves.
  • Dignified services – serve with respect, love and compassion as our primary goal.
  • Quality improvement – constantly seek new and innovative ideas to provide better services

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Our Services

Home medical consultation

Get consultation services from top healthcare professionals in the region. Contact us for more details. The home medical consultation is a comprehensive service  having partnered with labs and pharmacies to ensure you get quality care.

You get to choose the healthcare provider that you would like to attend to you through the App.

Laboratory services

We have collaborated with top notch laboratories for diagnostics assistance for our clients. View tests here

Pharmaceutical (drugs) delivery:

Send us your prescription and we will have the drugs delivered to your desired location. We have partnered with various pharmacies across our coverage areas to ensure prompt deliveries. 

Rest easy and let us do the work for you.

Home based nursing care and rehabilitation support: (Home health):

We provide both long and short term professional nursing care for patients on post hospitalization care at home, wound care, post surgery, palliative and geriatric medical care. The platform also includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and counseling services.

We have a team of vibrant nurses and other care specialists that will be assigned to you once you make a request through any of our platforms(App, Phone call, website, facebook or whatsapp)

Nutrition support Program:

Lifestyle diseases intervention, meal/ diet planning, nutrition care in disease management and therapeutic lifestyle modification.

The program is run by experienced nutritionists to complement medical treatment and enhance recovery.

Referrals and linkages:

We endevour to ensure our clients get the best available treatment options by working with other admitting hospitals for admission rights and to appropriate points of care


COVID-19 vaccine coming soon at your convenience

Hospital transfers: (pickup and drop offs):

Do you need to get imaging services between consultations, need a physical visit to the hospital or have a medical emergency? We have a network of cab drivers within our coverage areas trained in first aid response and ready to offer transportation services.  contact us for details.

Our Team

Lavender June

Lavender June

Founder and managing Director

Dr. Riggah

Dr. Riggah Hamadi

Obs/Gyn consultant

Monica Ogada

Monica Ogada

Business / Finance consultant

Calvince Otieno

Calvince Otieno

Senior Anaesthetist

Dr. Ochieng Collins

Dr. Ochieng Collins

General Surgeon

Contact Us

Primacy Aid Healthcare Limited.
0706 749 033
App: Primacyhealth


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